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The Lucky Jet game is a real jet backpack for your wallet. This new generation money game has become a real bestseller at 1win online casino – one of the most popular online casinos on the Internet. Lucky Jet allows you to get a win several times higher than the initial bet within just a few seconds. Your prize amount depends only on the reaction speed and gambling spirit of a player!

Lucky Jet game is an analogue and successor of such viral games as Aviator and Crash.

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1win Casino is an online casino that offers a variety of games including slots, table games and live casino games. The casino was founded in 2016 and is licensed and regulated by the government of Curacao. 1win Casino also offers sports betting and virtual sports betting. The casino accepts a variety of payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, and offers 24/7 customer support.

Lucky Jet Game Rules

The game rules are simple: you need to place a bet and withdraw it before Lucky Joe gains altitude and flies away with a backpack of luck on his back. Otherwise, the bet will burn out and you will lose.

Each flight of Lucky Jo is a separate round in the game. The flight time is the coefficient by which the initial bet is multiplied. During the flight, the players' bet can grow by x1, x2 and even x100 times. Place a bet of only 1 US dollar and win up to 200 dollars in less than half a minute. Does it sound like science fiction? No, any player can win!

The maximum win in the Lucky Jet game

The maximum coefficient in the Lucky Jet game is 200. That means placing a bet of 10 dollars, you can win 2000 US dollars.

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Lucky Jet Game Interface

The playing field is divided into several parts. The most important of them are the window in which Lucky Joe flies and the betting panel.

For game start, you need to select the amount before the round start and click on the Bet button. In manual mode, you will need to monitor the Lucky Jo’s flight and have time to press the Withdraw button before it ends. In this case, the winnings depend only on the player and the coefficient that will be at the time of withdrawal. For example, if the withdrawal coefficient has reached x2, then the winning amount increases by 2 times. The rate of 10 dollars or euro will turn into 2000 dollars or euro, you only need to have time to withdraw money. Each player can place two bets at the same time in each round.

For advanced players who apply successful game strategies, there are automation processes. The “Auto Bet” and “Auto Withdrawal" options are available in the game interface. They allow you to set the required amount to participate in each round and the maximum coefficient size upon reaching the bet will be withdrawn automatically. This is especially useful when you want to received guaranteed money without much risk. For example, in auto mode, you can set the maximum coefficient size of 1.1. In this case, with a bet of 100 dollars, the winnings will be 110 dollars. Good opportunities, and most importantly, almost 100% chance of winning.

In the main window of the Lucky Jet game, the history of the latest odds is displayed. On its basis, you can always calculate what was the duration of the last flights and how regularly the highest coefficient fires. Nobody gives guarantees, but if you see small odds for many rounds in a row, then, most likely, a large odds will be very soon. Perhaps it makes sense to take a risk for the big win?

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Game Statistics

In addition to the betting panel, a detailed Live Betting panel is displayed in the interface. It displays the number of all players, their bets size and winnings in real time.

On separate tabs, you can view statistics on the size and coefficient of your own bets, as well as analyze the most successful players’ data. The data of the TOP players for the last day will be useful for understanding what maximum coefficient were played today. This is really useful information, because huge winnings with a coefficient of 100+ come up once an hour or even less often. Learning the betting history, you can try to predict when the big jackpot will come up again.

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The Honest Algorithm Provably Fair in Lucky Jet

The game impartiality is guaranteed by the latest PROVABLY FAIR algorithm, which is used to generate a winning coefficient (the moment when the luck backpack’s owner of the "Flew away!”). It is formed before each round start and is not controlled by the online casino in any way. This is pure excitement!

The winning coefficient is generated each time from the keys (sids) on four independent devices - the gaming operator server and the three players’ devices who first placed bets. Based on the combined data of these devices (combined SID), a random number generator makes a key of 16 random characters (hash), and on its basis the duration of Lucky Joe's flight is calculated. The encrypted version of this key is instantly published before the round start and is available in the Settings.

In this manner, any player has the opportunity to check the round results. Upon request, a server code, three client codes, a combined hash and each round results will be visible in the window that opens. The data formation validity can always be checked in any online calculator.

Basically, all these complex technical actions do not depend on the casino in any way, which means that the winnings amount depends only on the passion and strategy of the player. To learn how to multiply your income by several times using the most effective tools, read the Game Strategy section on our official website of the Lucky Jet game.

Being an online game, Lucky Jet is also insured against technical problems. If the connection is interrupted, the bet will be cashed out automatically, and the winnings will be transferred to the wallet balance. In case of technical problems on the gaming equipment, all bets are canceled. However, the bets are reimbursed to the players in full.

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Where can I play Lucky Jet?

Despite the fact that Lucky Jet is available on a vast number of resources on the Internet, we recommend using only verified online casinos. Playing Lucky Jet at a trusted online casino will give you advantages of a registered player the opportunity to place bets and withdraw winnings, and also ensures playing the official version of the game. Links to the most reliable resources are given below:

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Lucky Jet Game Chat

Lucky Jet is a place where you can not only gamble, but also find interesting people to talk to. You can always chat with other users, discuss the gamestrategy, rejoice at luck or complain about losing.

Among other things, information about the largest winnings is automatically displayed in the chat.

It is important not to forget the abundance rules, because you communicate with people. Emotions happen, but do not forget that the chat is moderated.

Lucky Jet FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the game Lucky Jet

What is the Lucky Jet online game?

Lucky Jet is a next generation online game (similar to Aviator and Crash bet games), where you need to make a bet and withdraw money before Lucky Jo flies away. However, gains altitude means an increase in the coefficient, so it is important to choose the right time for money withdraw.

Is there an auto play in the Lucky Jet game?

Yes, Lucky Jet game has auto bet and auto withdrawal options. Auto bet means the opportunity to make bets automatically for a specified amount in each game round. Auto withdrawal means automatic transfer of money from your account to bank account upon the achievement the specified coefficient.

Is it possible to win the Lucky Jet game?

Yes, of course. When thousands of people around the world play Lucky Jet simultaneously, the game algorithms make it impossible to predict the result. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so don’t be afraid take your chances!

How can I withdraw money from Lucky Jet?

The way of winnings withdrawal in Lucky Jet depends on your location, the selected online casino and other circumstances. As a rule, you can withdraw money to a bank card, an e-wallet, a crypto wallet or your mobile phone number.

Is there a demo version of Lucky Jet game?

There is no demo version of the Lucky Jet game currently. To start the game, you need to register and deposit the balance of an online casino gaming account. You can watch the game with a zero balance, but you cannot bet.

We recommend watching a few rounds to get used to the game interface. That will be enough to understand the logic. Then, go ahead, deposit your balance and start playing Lucky Jet.

How can I deposit my game balance at 1win online casino to play LuckyJet?

Registration and deposition balance in the online casino 1 win takes just 1 minute. Register using the links, provided on our official website Lucky Jet below, click on “1 click deposit” in the upper right corner and select one of the suggested options for depositing your balance at 1win online casino.

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