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The Lucky Jet strategies and tactics

Playing for real money might seem a very risky thing. There's quite an amount of information on the Internet about players who lost cost of half an apartment and could not earn a penny. However, these are just the stories of those who went headlong into excitement and succumbed to greed. Making money on online casino games is no more dangerous than placing deposits in investment funds or playing Forex trading.

The Lucky Jet strategies and tactics

One of the most effective platforms for making money on slots is the 1win online casino. In 1win list of games over 7000 different online games in the catalog that will suit the pocket of a wide range of players. Lucky Jet has been a real bestseller among games lately. If you follow our recommended strategies, you can multiply your income in just a few hours!

Earning money with Lucky Jet

Although the interface of the game with Lucky Joe as a main character might seem quite simple at first, it offers the widest range of tools for analyzing the game and creating your own successful strategy. There is data on the coefficients that have played in the previous rounds at the very top of the game window, "data". On a separate tab, you can see the rating of the most successful players for today, for the last month and even for the last year. Even if you have not yet decided on your own strategy of the game, this data will help you to figure out who, when and how much won in the last time, how much to bet and what coefficient is the most winin.

Earning money with Lucky Jet

Strategy х1.1

The easiest and safest strategy for playing Lucky Jet is playing at minimum odds. It will most likely allow you to win a significant amount in a few rounds

The point of it is an automatic withdrawal of the bet when the interest of 1.1 is reached. Of course, in this case, one should not expect huge wins, but the rate will increase by 10% with each round. In ten rounds, the initial rate will increase twice. The only limitation in this case is that once every several rand the bet may not work and the money will be burned out. It is important not to catch Lucky Joe's flight by a factor of one. Such odds intentionally appear every half an hour or once an hour in order to knock out the most cautious players from the game.

Safe strategy in Lucky Jet

To protect yourself from such a loss, you need to wait until several rounds are played with interest of x1.03, x1.09, wait 3-4 rounds and only then start betting. With the coefficient of 1.1, you shouldn't make more than 2-3 bets in a row. Make simple calculations and you’ll see that with a deposit of 2500 dollars and rates of only 10% of it, the daily winnings can be 175 dollars a day. And this is almost more than 5250 dollars a month.

Game plug

Lucky Jet rules allow you to make two bets in each round, which means that each player has 2 times more chances of success. With this strategy, we will apply exactly both rates. The main point of the strategy is to use the first bet to beat off the sum of both bets and thus not go into a negative balance.

Game plug in Lucky Jet

This strategy requires all of your attention when playing. It is important to wait for the very time when the rounds with high odds start. At that moment we place two bets. Set an automatic withdrawal at the coefficient x2.0 for the first bet, and close the second one yourself upon the coefficient of x4-x5. Even if you're unlucky and Lucky Joe flies away earlier, the first bet played in auto mode will cover the loss.

3 to 1 strategy

This is another successful strategy based on two different bets. It is suitable in cases when bets with coefficient of 5 to 10 do not fall out for a long time. The main idea of the strategy is to withdraw a larger bet using a cash out at low odds, and try to catch the jackpot with a low bet. For example, in the case of two rates of 1 and 3 dollars, the second one will be insurance. It will play with a probability of 85% at the coefficient of 1 to 4. That is, by putting 3 dollars on auto withdrawal, you will earn 4.20 dollars. It turns out that even if the second bet does not work out, you will still be better off.

Lucky strategy in Lucky Jet

Strategy «Stairs down»

This game strategy is suitable for players with a low balance. According to statistics, it works out when a small number of players are in the game. The peculiarity of this strategy is that every time you increase the rate and decrease the auto withdrawal rate. Let's say, starting with a bet of 2 dollars at the coefficient of 2 to 0, you continue placing your bets in the amount of your entire winnings with a lower odd. So, the next bet will already be 4 dollars with the coefficient of 1 to 8. Etc.

Strategy Stairs down in Lucky Jet

If the first bet did not work right away, then you can try again, but having already made two bets of 2 dollars each with a coefficient of 2 to 0. If you win, you will win back the previous loss.

Healthy gameplay

It is enough to follow the rules in order not to gamble your money away. The rules are suitable for any of the games: crash games, roulette, poker or slots.

Guide to healthy gaming:

  • Now the right time to stop

    The essential and perhaps the most important rule of all successful players are always keeping a cool head. The main thing about all the games in online casinos is that, once carried away by the game, the player loses his vigilance and begins making reckless decisions and actions. Even the most experienced players will not be able to keep their own attention under tight control for more than one hour. Therefore, you should keep yourself from running wild. Understand that you are playing to win money. Be aware of every step you make and do not give in to emotions. Think about your game plan and stick to the plan as much as possible.

  • Less, but more often is better

    This is another rule of a successful game. Never put more than 10 percent of the amount on the deposit. Small but frequent wins will ensure stable income growth, while greed and the pursuit of big money can cause a very substantial loss. Gambling is a good thing, but if it’s in moderation.

  • Follow your goal

    Each time before starting the game, set a goal in the form of a specific amount. When you reach it, stop playing right away. Don’t let yourself be carried away by your emotions. A cool head and accurate calculation is the best strategy for making money in online games.

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