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Lucky Jet is a real jet backpack for your wallet. This new generation cash game has become a real hit at 1win online casino, one of the most popular online casinos. In a matter of seconds, Lucky Jet allows you to get a win that is many times higher than the original bet. The size of the jackpot depends only on the reaction speed and excitement of the player!

On our site we have collected the most informative opinions, reviews and comments about the game Lucky Jet.

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Reviews of players about Lucky Jet in online casino

Review: I make money on games, putting my salary in secret box


Before mastering my skills at Lucky Jet and the basic strategies of the game, I wasted a lot of money on roulette and poker. After reading about the right strategies, I started making more money on Lucky Joe than I do at work. Auto-bid and auto-withdrawal will help you. In a couple of hours, when I play with low bets, I make enough money for living. So my salary can be safely postponed for a rainy day. I advise everyone.

Alexander, 31 years old

Review: I advise you to test before starting


My first bets flew away so quickly that I didn't even have time to notice. I always thought that I would bet a lot and be able to hit a decent jackpot. However, there are no fools in the casino either. All algorithms are thought out and you just need to study them. Lucky Jet's tactics are built on extinguishing the greedy. Therefore, do not neglect the test balance or free money. Start playing on it and read about how to raise money with proven strategies. I personally recommend big bets at low odds than small ones at low odds. And you should always follow the game. I do not trust the machine and prefer to click on the output myself in the first seconds. Playing for 20-30 minutes a day, I raise up to 100% of the wallet volume and immediately withdraw it. The most important thing in the game is not to play too much.

Victor, 27 years old

Review: Lucky Joe is just fun


I just like Lucky Joe. Before that I played both Aviator and Crash. The first has some kind of soviet name. On the way, fans of patriotic games are chopped into it. The Crash game is frankly greedy. How can you like the fact that in each round the plane is torn to shreds? And here in Lucky Jet you have a fashionable kid. Cool! Probably, I mostly like the character, but it makes good impression. Recommend!

Zhanneta, 18 years old

Review: Easier than Forex and much faster


I switched to online casinos from Forex. I got used to playing on the differences of currencies for a long time. I'm taking a risk, because otherwise you can't earn good money. I chose a couple of slots and Lucky Jet is the best for myself simply because the adrenaline rush is the same, but you don't have to constantly peer at the charts, read analytics and think how much you will lose tomorrow. Everything is simple here. You can make a large amount without much risk. If you do not play at high odds, you can withdraw the normal size of winnings. So, people often play too much and bet on x2, x3 and more. For me, and x1.8 is normal. And if you have a lot of money, then you can play on x1.2. Neither the stock market, nor forex, nor anyone else will offer you 20 percent per minute. Unless it is completely forbidden to start trading, but we don’t consider it seriously.

Michael, 43 years old

Review: There is always enough for lunch and dinner


A classmate showed me the game. We - students - are poor people and always need money. So to find even small amount of cash for playing online games is not the most pleasant task. But I took a chance. From the first prize I went to eat deliciously. A week later, when I saved more than 500 dollars, I began to put more and was able to take my girlfriend to a restaurant. She was delighted. Now I'm saving up for a new phone so that I can use it to sit in the application and play Lucky Jet. Sometimes out of greed I bet too much and the bet is lost. But I believe that I will succeed. 20 dollars turned into almost 250 in a matter of seconds. I constantly shoot a little bit. There's always enough for lunch with Lucky Joe.

Dima, 21 years old

Review: The coolest in the game is the reliable algorithm


I think the algorithm used in crash games is the coolest feature. Before starting to play for real money at Lucky Jet, I checked the hashes myself several times. It all fits together. No cheating. You open the calculator, enter the key and see everything. It's cool that hashes are generated not on the game server, but on the client's hardware. Neither the casino nor someone, who plays next door, will be able to access them. So, there is nothing but complicated mathematics. And you can bypass it if you wish. The main thing is to understand how random number generators work.

Vadim, 37 years old

Review: It is not a problem to withdraw funds calmly


For me, the biggest surprise was the ability to withdraw funds without any problems. We played together with my husband and won over 1k US dollars, having bet only 8 dollars. However, sometimes the point is not to win, but make payout. A bunch of agreements, interest on withdrawals from the balance, etc. etc. At 1win, everything is much simpler - money arrives instantly on the card. No problem with the withdrawal. So, play with pleasure. We won and continue to play. Of course, you don’t have much luck about big wins, so small one is much easier. We play at small stakes and gradually earn money for this.

Maria, 49 years old

Review: Lucky Jet - not a scam, verified


At first, I thought that this is all scam, but no. It's just that every few rounds the odds are cut off at one. And I understand why: the casino should also make money. So, they weed out smart people who constantly sit with rates less than x2, and in auto mode. And that's okay. After all, this is a game, not a safe investment in the bank.

Ilya, 27 years old

Review: We play in Lucky Jet with all my classmates


My brothers and I play Lucky Jet at boring lectures. And the whole class too. You can play and chat. After classes, the one who took the biggest jackpot is put down in front of the whole group. And what - it is necessary to share, so honestly and in a brotherly way. Girls also like it when a guy can treat in a good way.

Aslan, 23 years old

Review: Lucky Jet - cool time killer


I started playing just for fun. I bet 10-20 cents, so as not to take much risk. I don't want to lose a lot. I just play and have fun. I know that the 50 dollars that I have on my account, I could always spend on something else. But this is not the kind of money that I will worry about. It's just that when it's boring and nothing to do, Lucky Jet is a cool time killer.

Alina, 33 years old

Review: With Lucky Jet, most players are always positive balance


I noticed something strange, but I have been playing for a long time. At Lucky Jet, the majority is always win. When I look at the ratings of the players, I see that out of 20-30 people, more than half manage to withdraw their money before Lucky Joe flies away. Someone wins a double amount, someone wins x10 times more, but rarely. Many of those who bet x2, x3 are always in profit. It speaks volumes to me.

Den, 42 years old

Review: It's just a lot of fun


Here many write about earnings, about how they got a big win, but something else is important to me: Lucky Jet is a lot of fun. A simple game, but what a gamble! Apparently, since childhood, I like to play. But in our childhood, there were no such toys. There was a wolf who caught eggs, but here - a lot of colours and what a thrill! I always keep small amounts on my account so that it’s not a pity to spend, but the pleasure that you get by pressing the “Withdraw” button in time is something extraordinary. Although this is prohibited by the rules, I sometimes even allow children to play from my account. It is loved the whole family!

Marina, 44 years old

Review: 45 dollars for the first time


Played Lucky Jet for the first time. I thought that casino will take all my money, and therefore put only 9 dollars on my account. Guys, I made money at 5 time bigger! Five times more! Already in the first round, Lucky Joe lasted more than 10 seconds. Honestly, I didn’t have enough patience, and I quickly withdrew the funds, but for the first time just like that, I just made 45 dollars! I’m lucky one!

Maxim, 24 years old

Review: Simple game not for average minds


They say that Lucky Jet is a fast push-button slot so that people get excited faster and spend more money. This is not the case for me at all. This is a real tool for secure income. Interesting strategies are used here, data on the rates that have been played recently are given. By analyzing all the data, you can most likely make very large bets without ever losing. For me, Lucky Jet, like many other 1win slots, has evolved into a way to feed my family. Finding a job after 50 years old is almost impossible. I used the stash and every month I withdraw 1.5-2k USD. For me, this is better than any job!

Mark, 58 years old

Review: Truly jet suitcase


At first, I did not understand the name of the game, I am not good at languages. But when I got involved and started reading about Lucky Jet, I realized why this guy with a jet suitcase behind his back is called Lucky. At some point, I even began to associate myself with him. It really is a jetpack. Putting only 200 dollars on my account, I doubled the amount in two days! In two days, I earned 10 percent of my monthly salary. Now we play during the breaks with the whole team. Some people earn 20, 40 or even 100 dollars! I am glad, colleagues are grateful. I advise everyone!

Konstantin, 47 years old

Reviews: I switched from social networks to slots and I'm very happy


I remember how I used to waste an hour before work on the subway scrolling through the Instagram feed, watching videos on TikTok. Well, yes, you look at your girlfriends, at fashion trends, speak out in the comments ... and that's it! No money, no time, no pleasure. With slots, 1win has become good way of spending time. Now, I have time to have fun, and often earn extra money, which is doubly pleasant. Now I know exactly what to do with myself on the subway and I’m unlikely to return to social networks.

Katerina, 30 years old

Review: Making money on a car is real


I didn't know where to look for money for a car, but I really wanted a car. The salary was barely enough for renting an apartment and for food. But not using public transport was my dream. I have tried many things - I even hung pictures of a car on the refrigerator, as recommended by gurus on YouTube. Once on the bus I saw how the guy on the phone was playing something and how his balance was growing. I asked what it was. It turned out that he is playing Lucky Jet. I downloaded the application, tried it, put 150 dollars on my wallet, and a month later I saw that I had earned five times more – it was almost 800 dollars. At this rate, I will soon drive a new car and take my parents to the country side!

Alexander, 22 years old

Review: Friends are playing and they like it


I have been with 1win for a long time. I tried other casinos but failed. Honestly, I am more interested in sports betting, football, match results. But now I like earnings on game bets. Everything is quick and easy with this site. I don’t sit on slots permanently, but many friends only make money on them. Recommended Lucky Jet many times and are very satisfied.

Rom, 36 years old

Review: Cool game, but you have to be on the alert


I read a bunch of articles on crash games. I applied strategies and everything that is written about on different sites. As a result, I wasted a substantial amount. In spite of everything, in any game you need to be on the lookout. You can use any strategy you want, but you always have to control everything yourself. A simple example: I used the x1.1 strategy when you make a big bet and program the auto withdrawal for 1.1 odds. Imagine my surprise when coefficient 1 flew out three times in a row. I lost 500 dollars. It turns out that often at high rates, the algorithm works in such a way as to cut off those who sit on the algorithms. After that I began to play himself. For many months in a row, I have profit. But still - be on the lookout and play carefully.

Stan, 29 years old

Review: Download and not think


If you are considering to get involved in all this or not, download or not download the app? For me, this is not only not a question, but I am very sorry that no one told me about it before. This is my second year in retirement and every time I receive such questions, I turn pale with anger! After 40 years in production plant and 600 dollars as pension. How to live with it? Now I know. The neighbour shared this information with me. I always thought, why does she spend too much time with the tablet all the time? We even quarrelled once: I called her “brainless youngster”. And who was really? I am! I just didn’t know what kind of miracle it was. I thought that they would cheat again in the Internet. I was a fool. It was necessary to learn rules and strategies and play 1win. I play several games, but most of all I like Lucky Jet. The increase to my pension is such that now I began to buy more expensive food! Simple, fast and straightforward. Even for retirees! Download and do not think!

Antonina, 59 years old